All Along

by Inouwa

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The third EP by folk singer songwriter Inouwa. This EP draws on the full capabilities of Inouwa's unique guitar playing as his songs delve further into acoustic wanderings and looped vocals. Whilst his songs show another level of maturity, Inouwa has had to battle with severe vocal damage which almost adds to the intensity of his tracks All Along and Velvet Rose. Coupled with the almost anthemic track Oh My and the 80's prom night inspired Reflection, Inouwa has returned to follow up on his well received A Little Piece Of Home EP, which earned him "Artist of the Week" from Vinyl District and Fame Magazine in February 2013.


released 01 July 2013



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Inouwa London, UK

Soaring harmonies and stripped back melodies, Inouwa is a London based singer songwriter. His songs showcase a unique vunerability and honesty that utilise a variety of obscure guitar tunings. With no formal teaching in music Inouwa's ingenuity in creating alternative soundings with the guitar is a testament to his passion in songwriting and expression. ... more

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Track Name: All Along
as i look upon your brow
i find the words come easy
i'm lost and found

as i take my final bow
i find the path to your heart
i'm down not out

as i steal an empty kiss
i find the touch of your lips
the rush comes in rushing in

as i give the heart gives in
i find i'm so defenseless
i'm wearing thin

and I have followed the bottle
and i have swallowed it all
but there's no laughter inside
there's nothing but the fall
and i have loved you all along
i have loved you all along x3

as i pull apart the string
i find a rope to hang me
I'm giving in

as i push to say one thing
i find a thought surrounds me
a slave to sin

as i read across her mind
i find the walls are so tall
and i can't climb

as i write to make it right
i'm finding out that my part
is weighing down

along x2
now baby don't you lie to me x4

and I will say just one thing
i've waited all this time
this life has thrown me sideways
but your song has kept me strong

and i have loved you all along x4
Track Name: Reflection
i crawl through the mountains
through the oceans
of your love

i crawl through the ages
to find a place where
i belong

and i never knew your face
til i stepped into your grace

through it all, i see
your reflection on me
so take it off, i see you
your reflection on me

i fall into a river
water flowing
around me

one touch of your grace
of your lips
sets me free

and i need to say a thing or two
i never thought i never knew
that everytime i close my eyes
it's your face that i see inside
it seeps into my dreams at night
it's building up an appetite
it's one that i just can't describe
it's one that i could never hide
so hold me close so hold me tight
let's hold eachother through the night
let's make our day a day that lasts
i know that this is going fast
but never worry never cry
never ever say goodbye
look into these eyes of mine
reflection burning deep inside
Track Name: Velvet Rose
The Cornerstone of every waking heart
burns so bright before it even starts
i took my time but i'd already found
the one who bears the burden of my crown

can i whisper your name
can i whisper

a velvet rose placed neatly on my chest
takes me back to put me to the test
and how could i have run away from you
when all i want is tuck inside of you

and i don't wanna
fall asleep
to face another
day away
and i don't wanna
fall asleep to dream
of being with you

i'll find a way
to your heart
i'll find a way
to your heart

a change of clothes to hide the scars
as seasons go we ride the highs and lows
but theirs one thing that always stays the same
the love i have thats deep within my veins

and my backs against the wall
and i i thought i knew it all
as i pretend i knew her well
thats when it all falls down in the end
thats when it all falls down in the end
thats when it all falls down in the end
thats when it all falls down in the end

I'll find a way
to your heart
Track Name: Oh My
best laid plans
of mice and men
they often go awry
it's the journey
that keeps me strong
my friend
hold your head up to the sky
or you'll never know what's coming
is it a bird, or is it a plane
no it's your confidence building

oh my oh my
risked it all for a piece of the pie
and oh my oh my
lost it all though i'm still standing
oh my oh my
called to say that I still got it
oh my oh my
this will be my final failing

i gave it all
all I've got
but they can hardly hear me
rising from the crypt
of all the apathy i lost
they bring it on
all they can
cos' they will never take me
they can never change the way I am

and even though I try
this road i walk on by
it keeps on winding
keeps on winding
but i will never tire